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ALEACIÓN  (Galería K2, MX)

Entre lo ascendente y lo desconocido / Group Show

This new exhibition reflects a mixture of diverse disciplines: architecture, illustration and art, encompassing emerging and long-distance artists, all in large format paintings. It’s a fusion of different realities and diverse cultures, but at the same time it is a neutral place, capable of maintaining a unique and magnetic identity: the mutant nature.

We are not interested in the exhibition as an uncritical presence in relation to its environment and physical context, or as a challenging style towards the spectator. That confrontation could weaken him, reducing his autonomy and the dismantling of his character and identity.

This intent results from the intense cultural and social relationship between the artists and the collector. In a constant dialogue between painting and the oversize, it is a balanced relationship between the two parties. The gallery becomes a kind of "new nature", adulterated by the imposing canvases, but which is also a natural artifice to approach the mind of the producer.

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