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Act of commission  / Solo Show

The work that hangs on the walls are panels with colors and shapes where you, a restless and avid spectator of everything new, will find the unsettling impetus to move them on a whim and, with some luck and imagination, to see something different always.

Bradley was inspired for this work in the chaos of the city, in its kaleidoscopic images, its noise and its conflicts. These paintings are the fruit of the incessant play of the contemplative gaze and of the mysterious force of chance and likewise, the artist offers us, curious and voracious visitor, the opportunity to participate in this playful mental activity and play with the work that hangs from the walls of this enclosure and create, if you wish, some unique form that may seem to you.

Behind the pictures you will find the titles for each painting, and those titles are part of the same game; phrases that you can point, remember or simply discard, but which are also mobile panels. Talking about the original in art is a cliché very badly used since the beginning of time, what you will surely find here is the opportunity to play with your eyes and one or the other sense and, with some luck, be under the strange charm of the objective chance.

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