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Gallery weekend  

Is an event dedicated to visual contemporary art in San Pedro Garza García. This several weekends had happened since 2016 and is divided in two main tours. One throughout the main art galleries of the city and one, curated by KRSTO, in the main artistic institutions. It also hosts professional gatherings, talks, workshop visits, performances and screenings.

Circuito Plástico SP, offers the opportunity to take a tour of cultural spaces such as the El Centenario Museum, the Casco Urbano galleries, the CCPF, the galleries of the University of Monterrey and Valle / Vía Cordillera galleries too. The public can enjoy the art on display throughout the weekend, you can board the buses from 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The transportation will pass every thirty minutes, you can choose the schedule that suits you. This will generate sustainable mobility, in addition to coexistence with related groups.

The logo and imagery were made in the distinguished graphic design studio based in Monterrey called Epigrafa.

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