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Jesús Alberto Flores Martínez


Lives and works in Monterrey, Mexico

In 2018 he dealt with curating two exhibitions in the United Kingdom as part of a cultural exchange with the Embassy of Mexico and the mural activation of Marco Treviño at the now extinct Le Consulat in Paris under the direction of Samuel Boutruche (PERROTIN). As of date, he is in charge of executing the closure party of the PreMACO event arranged in Monterrey. In this past edition of 2019, was held at MARCO (the Museum of Contemporary Art) in the city of Monterrey which included performances and live acts of international artists. This happening goes a week prior to Zsona MACO art fair in Mexico City.

In addition, he was part of Material Art Fair held in Mexico City as consultant to the VIP program director and founder. 

At the end of 2017 the University of Monterrey’s dean in charge of the Centro Roberto Garza Sada, invited him to collaborate as the honorary exhibition commissioner for both of its galleries for one year, making an alliance among independent commercial galleries and private collectors.

He is part of the art council in the prestigious cultural festival called Festival Internacional de Santa Lucía in his hometown and directs Circuito Plástico, a gallery weekend that is run in synchrony with the San Pedro Arte Fest of the municipality of Garza García. 


Jesús started as an independent art dealer at age 25. While growing this endeavor into a well-established network for secondary market dealings, he also established himself as an expert consultant in modern Mexican art related to high profile collections in Mexico and the United States.

During his first year out of Bachelor of Architecture, he assisted Jan Hendrix throughout the staging and presentation of his solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, and also participated at ARCO in Madrid where he appears on the catalogue. Just following his participation at the China International Gallery Exhibition held in Beijing,  Jesús directed the opening of the first Latin American Art Gallery in Asia during the Beijing Olympic Games and aided Teresa Margolles for the Venice Biennale, which took place in the Mexican Pavilion.

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