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TLaloC  (Galería K2, MX)

АГМАЛАС  / Solo Show for preMACO weekend

The universe of Elgreen Project, created by TlaloC, is inhabited by mysterious figures who try to communicate with us in a cryptic way. These beings, which resemble objects that are very familiar but strange at the same time, radiate life and personality.


Their nature is elusive, but they have curiously human, even anthropomorphic, features and they speak with a voice that seems to come from some remote dimension but is capable of resonating in an intense and lasting way within us. These living objects show characteristics of everyday artifacts from past eras; parts of appliances, tools, mechanisms and toys whose functions have been forgotten over time.However, his image remains almost palpably in our collective memory. They have a remarkable dream quality, an unreal taxonomy, and they inhabit their own environments governed by physical and logical laws that are very alien to ours.

АГМАЛАС not only marks a cycle within the Elgreen Project world, but in its evolution as an artistic project. It is a collection of a particularly prolific period in the work of TLaloC, which has gone beyond the integration of illustration and design, incorporating elements of lights, designer toys, urban art and different types of sculpture. It is a look at the past, which is essential to determine future directions. And it is that Elgreen Project continues in an open and spontaneous way, without limitations in advance.

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