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El Tiempo Natural de la Guerra / Solo Show

After the battle.

Skinning to be reborn: The road to the house of the earth

With the Natural Time of War, Francisco Muñoz mobilizes, once again, the topic of violence that pervades every one of his works. Through the iconic figure of Xipe-Totec, (Nuestro Señor Desollado), Muñoz seeks to change the focus, staging a rationalized and controlled brutality, inherent in the natural cycles that allow access to the so longed-for rebirth.

This work constitutes, perhaps, one of the most intimate of the trajectory of the artist, establishing a more assumed connection with the terroir that was always put at a distance. Made between Mexico and France, presented in their respective capitals, the raw fabrics carry the stigmas of systematic out-of-Atlantic pilgrimages. Reunited for the first time in Monterrey, the pieces of the collection dare, at last, to respond to the echo of the native house.

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