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Pintura y lógica del diagrama  / Solo Show

The concept of catastrophe for the idea of ​​painting. Nicolás discovered there, a different world with respect to painting and image. He makes an analysis of the act of painting, a diagram in the catastrophe that is the painting on the canvas, as something not given, where pictorial poetry comes out in front of the world of data, chaos before being painting.

Diagram in which the actions of a painter are clearer and therefore there is an understanding, also clearer, about the history of the contemporary image: the image seen as an image without the need to represent or illustrate. A composition that decomposes is a set, a structure, unbalancing or disintegrating. A set because the architecture of the planes is differentiated, that is to say, there is the plane of the data (lines) and the plane of the emotion (the color), where they organize or fall, where they return the invisible, visible.

But there is always a catastrophe in each painting, there is a storm picture, there is a struggle between the eye and the hand, there is a moment where the hand makes the decisions and skates on the supports without letting the eye enter, the world before the world , a cosmogenesis, where the painting spills out without control, leaving in the pictorial thought mineral traces diluted and mixed in an arbitrary way, we could say that the palette of a painter is the same painting.

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