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LLUIS LLEÓ (Galería Emma Molina, MX)

Between Frescos  / assembly of works

An artist who moves with equal ease in the fields of painting as sculpture, the work of Lluís Lleó is difficult to catalog. Lleó's recent works are neither sculptural paintings nor pictorial sculptures: they are works halfway between figuration and abstraction that have as a particular feature the combination of painting with elements in relief and that give the work an architectural nuance. Architectural references with which, since the beginning of the nineties, Lleó has worked, ignoring any value that is not the mysterious or evocative power of the geometry and the guidelines that can mark. The result is a work that seeks a line of concurrence between apparently opposite elements: lyricism and forcefulness, order and chaos, presence and transparency.

Lluís Lleó experiences painting as a kind of journey. Behind those immaculate, neat spaces which merge paint and space, in the light or in the shadow or at night, there lurks the idea of a journey, a personal and autobiographical one, which is also the journey of painting. Not for nothing is this exhibition entitled Flyer, and this word is one of the components of many other titles of paintings and papers from his recent oeuvre, which dates from 2013 and 2014.

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