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Óptiko Hipnótiko  / Exhibition Lighting

For a long time immersed in the creative process, Generoso Villarreal has ventured into different facets of modern and contemporary art; tireless promoter of Mexican art, collector, producer of steel sculptures, curator, gallery owner, benefactor of innumerable cultural and artistic projects and above all, scrutinizer of the artistic nature, always pending, of the stages in which contemporary creation is found.

It will be the op-art who captivates his creative streak and pushes it definitively to the pictorial production where his particular language continues with the legacy of artists such as Víctor Vasarely, Julio Le Parc, Jesús Rafael Soto and many others artists who have delved into the infinite optical phenomena that occur when the laws of perspective are forced to generate other perceptual possibilities from two-dimensional planes such as movement, three-dimensionality, the emergence of new tonalities by coloristic proximity and the eternal fascination that human beings we have by light.

In Óptiko Hipnótiko Generoso Villarreal manages to present magnificent examples of the painting that captures us and that by concentrating on the energies that they awaken, they produce different sensations that range from restlessness to serene contemplation. Each work restricts its chromatic range - its treatments are almost monochromatic - and it is subordinated to a conceptual approach that will produce in us the tension sought by him, deeply cerebral in his conception; the painting of Villarreal Garza awakes emotional states thanks to the many variations of tonalities that he achieves in each painting produced with very elaborate patinas that he patiently creates.

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