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RAÍZ MESTIZ (Centro Roberto Garza Sada, UdeM, MX)

Daniel Valero  / MESTIZ

Mestiz is a project created by the young Mexican architect Daniel Valero, who for a year and a half has been dedicated to the design of furniture and textiles in collaboration with the artisans of his hometown, Saltillo.

Valero relies on the mixture of industrial and artisanal techniques through the collaboration of designer-artisan in order to achieve stimulating pieces charged with a strong theoretical and technical background. It is a project that seeks to spread crafts and regional traditions to a contemporary lifestyle, seeks to revalue artisan techniques for their recovery and adaptation to new lifestyles through the resources of research, conceptualization and the development of a collection .

After graduating from architecture, Valero developed his first project: the Patél chair in collaboration with the serape artisan Héctor Tamayo and the designer Alexis del Toro. From the daily work with the artisans, Daniel began to create a professional bond of friendship that organically became a project that encompasses his creative concerns, his roots, but above all the way to revalue the work of the artisans of Mexico.

The first collection was born in the Sarape de Saltillo workshops, mixing the innovative character of the design with the sensory experience of the crafts. The textiles were woven on a pedal loom by Héctor and Rubén Tamayo in collaboration with the Museum and the Sarape School.

The pieces of furniture proposed by Mestiz, are conceived as bodies that will later be dressed, the body is molded to be functional and practical, while the clothing protects, warms, comforts and beautifies the body. Its particular design comes from the close relationship between designer and artisan; color, pattern, texture, are selected from the discussion of ideas and emotions that the piece should express, in addition to the essence that the craftsman will give to give a personality and identity to each of the clothing that weaves.

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