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T.F.O.P. (Centro Roberto Garza Sada, UdeM / KRSTO, MX)


Mutable project of in-situ sculptural installation made with light construction materials, T.F.O.P.  is reconstructed according to the context in which it is exhibited. The dimensions of the installation depend on the size of the site, invading, besieging and defending the space of its public; attacking, and at the same time, motivating a certain type of fascination with the aggressor object.


The project seeks to generate the physical and conceptual metaphor about the use of security and violence as a system of individual, community and political protection. 

A contest was held within the division of art, architecture and design among its students to create a base / esplanade that would permanently house the piece in its new site. Competed in various disciplines, however won a young architect named Carlos Galván.

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