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FRANCISCO LARIOS  (Galería Hilario Galguera, MX)

Mar Bermejo  / Sculpture production consultant.

Francisco Larios’ Mar Bermejo is a trip through a group of images we might consider transparent. Images that respond to the logic of other time. Of long intervals of wait and uncertainty. Whose evidence we could traverse, going and coming back, just to ask ourselves; How can we remember an image? How can we make an image become a memory? 

The subject matter of this show has a biographical connection with the artist. Having grown up in a port, the sea takes a very special relevance as an important starting point of his artistic endeavour. Landscape is conceptually conceived as the space where studies of the dreamlike, of the tie between human beings and their environment, and of the nature of objects are found; but it can also be where graphical representations -with mathematical, physical and musical principles using the horizon as a division and limit- exist. 

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