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JAN HENDRIX  (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo / Monterrey, MX)

Storyboard  / hundred-piece assembly 

Tireless traveler, Jan Hendrix is ​​an artist captivated by time, space, light and observation of nature in the broadest sense of the word: of its materials, its fragments, its integral surfaces. That particular vision of the world now reaches the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey through the Storyboard exhibition, a recount of his most outstanding works of the last decade in which he manifests, first of all, his masterful handling of screen printing.

Gifted to stop looking where no one else, Hendrix, who has chosen Mexico as the land to live and work for 25 years, presents in MARCO, under the curatorship and museography of Patricia Sloane, thirty works in different techniques and formats.

The exhibition, which accounts for the multiplicity of plastic languages ​​of the creator, opens with an enormous light box that presents an amplified leaf of the Lacandon Jungle, an eloquent introduction to the work of the artist born in Holland in 1949. The use of the stamp as the fundamental support of his work and his obsession with hand-made papers of diverse origins and his impressive ability to fragment and achieve the recomposition of the severed elements are also present in this selection.

There in the halls of the Museum, through his proposal, Hendrix favors a conversation between the observer and nature. Undoubtedly, from his perspective, the landscape will never be the same again.

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