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MARCO TREVIÑO  (Le Consulat, Paris)

Langue du Présent  / Solo Show

This is a critical activation of Marco Treviño's installation. A typography born from the logo of one of the cultural institutions of the Latin American historical hierarchy (CONACULTA) designed to write ideas, promises and postulates relevant to different moments in the history of art but which have lost over the years its validity and readability.

For Le Consulat, we find a phrase by the painter and military David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974), considered one of the three great exponents of Mexican muralism. A phrase that proclaims the urgency and need to unite artists under the same form of production to build a language and be heard. A phrase that was born as a war cry and now lives in decorative books and postcards that you can buy when leaving a museum.

A phrase written with tyvek paper, commonly used paper for guarding and protection of images as packaging material. A fragile and delicate image. A mural mounted on a false wall with pins to juxtapose to the grandiloquence of Mexican muralism. A forgotten promise about painting and its possibilities. A pretext to review the genealogy of the promises that accompany our images.

In this way, Langue du présent is the activation of a critical question;

A critical question about the uses and functions of art in our times.
A critical question about the communication that our images have with the public.
A critical question about the relevance of continuing to think about painting in the 21st century.
A critical question about the languages, diction ​​and typographies that we use to talk about art, culture and politics today.

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