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ISAURO HUÍZAR  (Chalton Gallery, UK)

Pintura diagrama / Solo Show

The sketches of Isauro Huizar emerge from a diagram, that is, from a sketch through his aesthetic perception. In this exercise, it illustrates without much formality. First establishing basic concepts, based on a classification of what we call fractal dimension, which allows to present and draw conclusions in relation to aesthetics.

The composition is decided by a base structure versus a random and carefree approach. Originated from dividing both directions diagonally as schematic positions of chess games. The grid emerges from the intersection of these divisions, taking advantage of them as new perimeters. This is exactly the same perspective of the fractalism, but insinuates movements in the opposite part. It is the analog equivalent of strictly saturating a section and being able to shake the segments.

Hence a strong tendency to create a bicolored atlas, which is imposed with the domination of binary alternatives by reversing the nuances and contradictions that each piece could contain looking for the its own limits. The representation must be simple to decode, so that the concepts are visibly clear.

The gold is used to break its monotony and increase the impact, distinction and prominence between parts as a visual stimulus, which evokes the chromatic aspect of the native gold from the sun's rays. Although it also has strong links with materialism and vanity , the presumption does not refrain from emerging.

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