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Emerging Artists / Group Show

Memory is a sentimental entity, it grows, weakens and is governed by our emotions but above all it does not escape from ourselves; the associations in our memory always lead us to a search for identity, make connections with the images unconsciously and these transport us to these memories that for a few seconds are vivid, but not always desired, or ours. They are memories without a need for memory itself.

Memoria Involuntaria explores the memory's aesthetics from a personal narrative, one that makes us look for the contemporaneity of new memories through different images on the route.

Artists in Memoria Involuntaria talk about polarizing topics such as mass consumption and production, emptiness, absurdity, the deformation of the human body, fiction, terror or the disappearance of memory, some more distant to identity concepts than others but all so accessible to our memory and power in the association. They share an interest in which a dialogue is created with the spectator, the interpretation and the reaction that alludes in our memories.

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