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KR100 (Centro Roberto Garza Sada, UdeM, MX)

Kahlo Rivera Cien  /  Frida and Diego, a creative love.

Within the framework of the International Graphic Alliance Congress (AGI MX 2018), it is an honor to show the work of colleagues and designer friends who are members of this organization in a tribute we made together two years ago to two great people from Mexico and the world in contemporary art, protagonists of an unusual and other creative love: Frida and Diego.

AGI is an international non-profit organization that brings together graphic designers from the world to share experiences and projects of excellence in design, as well as to debate related issues and encourage design thinking in the education sector. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, it is an association that brings together more than 300 designers from different parts of the world (8 from Latin America), recognized nationally or internationally for their high professional level and promotes the approach between colleagues for purposes of educational exchanges and of information.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in the history of world art, have been and continue to date, the couple of Mexican artists for other suigéneris, controversial and multifaceted that have significantly made a significant contribution to universal art.

Nowadays, design permeates our lives. The work of Frida and Diego being interpreted by 100 of the most recognized visual creators of the world is an extremely successful product both for unusual and for the conceptual, communicational and aesthetic guarantee of the creators themselves.

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