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MARCO ÁVALOS  (Galería K2, MX)

La luz que incide  / Project Room

He works on concepts related to the criticism and visual thinking of contemporary man who seeks to understand his place in today's society, analyzing the phenomena that are presented to him in an inescapable way. The issues it addresses are abstract, as in its representations of light, color and form. By designating the light as a source of will, the images diverge in a new surface, giving life to the shadow as a region of darkness where it is obstructed, and occupying all the space behind an object, as a manifestation of energy.

But the history of the shadow is properly the story of light against darkness, since in addition to denoting relief and volume, the shadows intimidate more subtle inner realities, from the states of the mind to the state of the soul. These subjects are represented with elements that overlap each other showing their complexity; to finally be exposed to the eyes of the viewer.

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